June 2015

We're sad to announce that Denny and KILLER BEE has decided to go separate ways. We thank Denny ...read more

April 2015
Breaking News! Paul Chapman (UFO) joins Killer Bee on the road!

We are proud to announce that joining them on this tour is guitar player extraordinaire, Paul Tonka ...read more

April 2015
Welcome André Hägglund

Welcome on board André Hägglund on rythm guitar.
André will back up the band with his solid ...read more

First Tour In 17 Years…
The first tour in 17 years was a great challenge.. We survived 14 states, 7800 miles during a 4,5 w...

US – Be Ready To Be Stung!
I’m so happy to finally announce the release of the new album ROCK ANOTHER DAY – April 1...

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