UK Tour update

27 March 2017
We have just finished a hectic 14 day UK Tour in March with BONAFIDE & TEQUILA MOCKINBYRD
Next up for the BEE's is 3 shows in May in the US, Lewiston, Portland & Seattle wich includes two shows with legendary Y&T
We are now waiting to announce more dates and Festivals for 2017 - so stay tuned.


23 November 2016
Killer Bee are stroked and stoked to welcome to the line-up


It was unfortunate that we had to see our brother Morgan leave the ranks as resident beatman and while he will be missed, with this new addition of Shawn on drums we feel that we are not missing a beat.
Shawn´s extensive road experience with bands like ODIN, DC4 and The Bullet Boys will bring a new dimension to the show!

So that´s right you heard it… KILLER BEE is groovin to the beat of a different drummer. Welcome Shawn.. Looking forward to 2017!

band update!

23 November 2016
After 21 years KILLER BEE and Morgan Evans are taking a time out. Morgan has decided to go into a business venture in Florida. We wish him the best of luck on his new adventure, and we hope to see him back in the saddle soon.


15 September 2016
There have been questions and speculation as to why Killer Bee have not toured in over a year. Now the news is out. Recording and video production have of course taken time and energy but there have been other things brewing in camp.

Killer Bee now officially announce the addition of Christoffer Sjöström as new guitarist. Christoffer will replace Paul Chapman who due to legal and family problems as well as irreconcilable differences between the band and him is out. Killer Bee thank Paul for his short time with the band on tour and wish him the best in his future endeavours. More info is surely available online.

Keep Rockin'

Summer update!

01 June 2016
A busy spring and summer is what's waiting.. we're gonna release singles that will hit radios around the world - starting of on June 3rd with the classic TEN YEARS AFTER song I'd Love To Change The World, produced and recorded by Kee Marcello (ex.Europe) A video is also coming with the release on June 1st.
Later this summer a video to the single If We Die Tomorrow will also be released, and there will be more songs that will hi the radiostations round the world, such as I Believe and All The Things You Say, and all this is happening before the scheduled release of the new album EYE IN THE SKY on september 16.
A video and a radio campaign will also follow the new release, and the single from the new album will be Get On Board.

So stay tuned...

2016 will be an exciting year for the BEE's..

19 February 2016
After a succesfull 2015 with 2 US Tours, 39 shows which included 22 shows with BULLETBOYS and GUNZO (Tracii Guns, Rudy Sarzo, Keith St.John and Shane Fitzgibbons)

It kicks of on the 19th of February with the release of the first Video (Joystick Warrior) followed by the single release on the 26th from the upcoming album "Eye In The Sky" scheduled release in May.

The band heads out on a short US-Tour - starting March 4 in Galveston, Texas and goes on to March 17. This tour incl 4 shows "Comedy Metal Explosion" with DON JAMIESON from That Metal Show VH1. (Galveston, San Antonio, Tucson and Lewiston.

During March a second Video release is scheduled "Higher And Higher" to be followed up with a single, and in April the title track will be released on video and single as well - "Eye In The Sky"

Paul Tonka Chapman is now on board and rocking like there's no tomorrow,

KILLER BEE is ready for a New Rockin' Year.


07 September 2015
June 2013 Brian Frank singer in Swedish hard rock band Killer Bee suffered a devastating fall which left him with 9 fractures in his ribs a punctured lung and three fractures in his hip- It has been a long road to recovery therefore Killer Bee were not active live for awhile. After 19 months and indication that his ruptures are not healing and endless attempts to obtain a date for surgery, In January 2015 Brian finally was given the proper attention and underwent a surgery which entailed the placement of three titanium plates and one titanium pin in his ribs as an attempt to stabilize them. May to August saw KillerBee on the road as they spanned the USA on a whirlwind tour taking them to 40 cities across America. Unfortunately after follow up examination Doctors have stated that two of the plates have come loose and it is imperative that they be taken care of.. Killer Bee had intended to continue touring with GUNZO in the UK and Europe in September but doctors have advised that further surgery is needed and a rush date has been arranged. At Septembers end Brian will undergo a second operation in attempt to permanently stabilize the not yet healed ribs and get the band back on the road. . November and December are speculative dates when we can expect to see the band back on the road. Cool.


10 June 2015
We're sad to announce that Denny and KILLER BEE has decided to go separate ways. We thank Denny for his time in the band, his experience and talent and wish him the best of luck on his new path.

Breaking News! Paul Chapman (UFO) joins Killer Bee on the road!

21 April 2015
We are proud to announce that joining them on this tour is guitar player extraordinaire, Paul Tonka Chapman (UFO).

-This is the band I talked to too my wife about a week ago! Before I knew about any of this. I need a band that's formed and (semi) organized, so I can become part of a rugby type team again! Camarderie! They fell out of the sky from Sweden into my crotch!! I will commit 110% to my new project. Or die............!!!
Paul Chapman

We feel overjoyed and excited to have Paul Chapman, a long time veteran in the rock world join us on this sprint across the states. Due to circumstances beyond our control guitarist Jimmy Delisi will not be able to join us on tour This addition of Paul on lead guitar is a real boost to the line-up.
Brian Bee Frank

The timing could not be better. This new addition of Paul Chapman combined with the earlier addition of rhythm guitarist André Hagglund really rounds off the traditional heavy sound of Killer Bee.

Welcome André Hägglund

21 April 2015
Welcome on board André Hägglund on rythm guitar.
André will back up the band with his solid rythm guitar playing & background vocals.
..."a great compliment to the steady fast KB-groove"


10 April 2015
KILLER BEE proudly announce the release of the album ROCK ANOTHER DAY as an introduction of the band in the US prior to their 5 week Tour beginning May 1st in Gainsville Florida, ending in Verona Beach, California June 6th. This 14 track album has been put together by journalists, producers, friends and musicians all independently of each other from the last previous albums - FROM HELL AND BACK and EVOLUTIONARY CHILDREN.
44 Rock Radio stations across the US has already added the album to their playlists, with comments to name a few - such as..

..THIS RULES!" (New London, CT)
..CHARTING AT #3 (Decorah IH)
..CHARTING AT #10 (Hempsted, NY)
..CHARTING AT #18 (Newark, NJ)
..CHARTING AT #32(springfield, MA)

..and during the Tour a brand new single JOYSTICK WARRIOR will be exclusively released to the Rock stations across the US from the upcoming Album "THE EYE IN THE SKY" - planned release in the fall of 2015.



26 June 2014
Right now the band is in PEI (Prince Edward Island) Canada to finish the recordings of the upcoming Album.
This time they are working with the multi talented award winning producer Paul Milner at Shell Lane Studios.
This album will be meaner and heavier, but still with the same KILLER BEE signature, the diversity of melodies with 70's-80's influences. More to come from the KILLER BEE camp - so stay tuned... Happy lobster day!!


15 April 2014
..."SCREAM IT" taken from the Album Evolutionary Children, produced and directed by Red D Film and Editing. CHECK IT OUT HERE

Finally it's back

03 March 2014
FROM HELL AND BACK is now available again on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon through TARGET. Also check out the new Video, the title track From Hell and Back.

Be Ready!!

24 February 2014
Be Ready For The Re-release of FROM HELL AND BACK On March 3rd.

The album will be re-released together with the Videos through TARGET
Together with the re-release a new Video, the Title track from the album FROM HELL AND BACK will also be released on March 3rd - be ready rockers!


16 January 2014
Due to technical and corporate re-organization - the KILLER BEE album "FROM HELL AND BACK will not be available on Spotify, download or purchase on iTunes and Amazon during a short period of time! All Videos is taken down as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will be back soon - Stronger than ever!

Killer Bee Updates

11 November 2013
Busy autumn with the release of the 5th studio album EVOLUTIONARY CHILDREN October 14th, with mixed response but overall GREAT..!! The Video CHILDREN OF THE EVOLUTION was released prior to the release and recieved great response as well with 30.000 hits within 10 days, wich unfortunately resulted that YouTube assumed there was a "boot" in the Video and took it down - and uploaded it 5 times after each other ?!?!?!?! ..and this of course caused KB severe damage due to the fact that the Video was linked to several Video/-music platforms round the world - now it's up again and we hope it will stay that way. We're now in the middle of planning a European Tour in may 2014 (dates soon to come), and starting to get ready to lay down the rough bed tracks for the next Album in 2014!!! ..there's some killer news that will be revealed soon - but first it's time for the next Video stay tuned.


21 August 2013
Only a year after the comeback album "From Hell and Back" the Swedish hard rock band KILLER BEE are ready with their fifth studio album "Evolutionary Children"! Read the press release here!

Ron De Jeremy cooperation!

15 May 2013
KILLER BEE proudly announce the cooperation with RON DE JEREMY - Herida Brands Sweden!

4 weeks has come to an end..

10 April 2013
The bands been working on the final details on the up-coming album in Tampa & Toronto.. and once again KILLER BEE's been working with Jim Zolis (From Hell And Back) Brian who's been spending almost 24-7 with Jim for 3 weeks has finally been able to close this book. In addition to the mixing process the band has shoot 2 more Videos from previous Album, due to release in the spring.

- It's very important for us to keep the momentum going, says Anders L.A. Ronnblom ..answer to the question that this will be the 4th & 5th Video from - From Hell And Back. More breaking news to come.. stay tuned!.


13 March 2013
Killer Bee hereby acknowledge the cooperation with Z Records has ceased.

“We have different views on how the launch of KILLER BEE shall be managed. We thank Mark and all the staff at Z Records for this time, and wish them all the best”, says Anders.

More Breaking News to follow.. so stay tuned!


12 March 2013
Five months after the release of "From Hell And Back", KILLER BEE is now in the studio to fix the last touch-ups to the new album. Mixing and mastering is planned to take place end of March with start on March 18. This will also include new Videos. The tempo and the creativity is beyond anything...!

Anders is already in the progress of writing new material...- I do not know what is happening.. I just cannot stop, he says.

We will keep you in the loop for more breaking news - so stay tuned.

The new video is now released!

11 January 2013
Check it out on the media page!

Stay tuned for a new Video Release!

07 January 2013
The last days of editing of the new upcoming Video "I Believe" - Scheduled release: 10 Jan 6.00PM CET.

Killer Bee no.1 at!

17 December 2012
POLLS CLOSED - KILLER BEE WITH THEIR COMEBACK ALBUM "FROM HELL AND BACK" TOOK THE PRIZE WITH 45.23% OF THE VOTES.. Thanks for all the readers, fans who voted! Read about it here

Killer Bee Interviewed

28 November 2012
Read the full interview at BeRock


24 November 2012
For the first time available outside of Sweden

ALMOST THERE 1990-1998 - Limited edition...

Click on the link here

Great Reviews

20 November 2012
So many things that have happened the last 4 weeks since the release...

We have received great reviews... here

Two videos released - STEP INTO MY WORLD and ALL NIGHT LONG that have recieved good response, and the band has been nominated in MyGlobalMind's web poll for best "Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Album 2012" here



30 October 2012
Oh my... this took me right back to the 80's, but not in that decadent way that only we who lived then know about ... (those days are over, hehe)!

I'm talking musically, man! I'm a big fan of Savatage, and I cannot help noticing a lot of similarities. There are also a lot of similarities from other good old acts, but with an updated sound. Yeah, I'm not that fond of those "sounds like-references" but it can on the other hand be good to know what we are dealing with here.

What we definitely are dealing with is an album that does NOT have one single bad song. During my prime listening, I was struck by how one song after the other over-triumphed the previous one, even though I thought that now it cannot get any better. However, none of the songs, either before or after, could triumph "Step Into My World." Jeez what a feeling that song has. Speaking of feeling, I cannot exclude the ballad "I Believe". Ballads are often pure garbage, they come and go but this one lasts. Awesome and naked - beautiful is what it is.

Despite strong songs and uber-talented musicians this is not a perfect album, it is a little bit to conventional. It is just that Killer Bee makes the conventional so much better than most will ever achieve. So, yes it was very close.

This was a very pleasant and truly worth buying surprise.

Best song: Step Into My World
Rating: 8.5/10


22 October 2012
After 15 years finally the day has come.. The brand new album from KILLER BEE is here FROM HELL AND BACK.

Get your own copy on the links below..

After 15 years - it's finally here, the first Video - STEP INTO MY WORLD

19 October 2012
From the upcoming Album FROM HELL AND BACK, release Oct. 22nd on Z Records. Check out the Video here.. So everybody, get ready to kick some ass.. The Bee's are back!

Pre-Order "FROM HELL AND BACK" now!

19 September 2012
The album you've been waiting for. Finally, after 15 years, they are here to deliver their Kick-Ass Hardrock!

So, make sure to get your copy in time - go the the Online shop

The last piece of the puzzle!

01 August 2012
Now the last piece of the puzzle is in place.. we've spent 12 days in Toronto and a lot has been accomplished.. 2 videos: STEP INTO MY WORLD and ALL NIGHT LONG from the up-coming Album FROM HELL AND BACK, 16 brand new bedtracks and the collaboration with "Love Bone Appareal" clothing that will do their own KILLER BEE collection.

The album will be releaZed the 22nd of October, and plans for a small Tour during the fall is in the works.. so stay tuned for more details.

Thanx for your patience and support!


11 July 2012
We are happy to announce that KILLER BEE is signing with the English label Z-RECORDS.
With their many years in the buisness we feel confident that Z-RECORDS is the right choice for us. You can find bands such as Von Groove, Badlands, Prophet, Shy, Paul Sabu, to name but a few, on their roster.

We are now set for a release the 22nd of October in Europe, the US and Canada. More details to come.. so stay tuned KILLER BEE loyals.


18 May 2012
We are now standing at the crossroad where important decisions have to be made as to which direction KILLER BEE will be heading.

This includes management, videos and of course the release of "HELL AND BACK". There are only good things that gonna come out of this, BUT we're gonna have to put the release on hold for a while until we know exactly where we are standing....

We hope that everybody understand and support our decision....It will be good for all of us, and that includes YOU of course - the KILLER BEE loyal!!


03 April 2012
The release of the KILLER BEE albums in China has been delayed due to some technical and corporate processes, such as censorship etc. The band has been given a "thumbs up" - everything is moving according to plan, so it's just a matter of time until China can listen to some serious Kick Ass Rock'n Roll!

We are now 48 hours away from the final mix of "Hell And Back"...the first KILLER BEE album in 14 years!! - Hell Ya!

We're ready to blow some speakers and melt your faces - are you??

Hell And Back Again - We're getting closer!

05 March 2012
Jim Zolis is working his ass of mixing the new KILLER BEE album " Hell And Back Again " in Toronto. Everything is going according to plan, and we are looking forward to give you some teasers from the upcoming album in the next couple of weeks.
We are also excpecting to see some artwork for the new album soon, made by Rob "Inkpusher" Savage...and Anders "L.A." Ronnblom is already in progress of writing new songs for the next album while he's waiting for the new release...No rest for the wicked!


03 February 2012
Killer Bee is proud to present the new explosive reinforcement....

Denny DeMarchi
Internationally recognized, touring keyboard player/rhythm guitarist/vocalist Denny DeMarchi (The Cranberries, Alias), who performed/wrote/produced the #1 charting song in Canada "Dreamers Road", "Freddy Curci (Alias)" solo release, joins KILLER BEE as the new keyboard player/rhythm guitarist.

Jimmy DeLisi
Veteran session player Jimmy DeLisi (Brian Johnson/Solo, Julliet ) who has shared the stage with Ratt, Cheap Trick, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Van Halen, Dokken, and whose credits include ESPN & Disney, joins KILLER BEE as the new lead guitarist.

New Year... More Changes

01 February 2012
We would like to thank Mats, PO and Trazan for their time and effort, for filling in and helping to get the band re-launched. Due to other commitments, work and family responsibilities they can no longer tour at this time.
We wish them all the best. Keep on rockin, guys!!!

Worldwide Release!!!

13 January 2012
We continue to rock 2012 by releasing the SACRIFICE video. Rock on!!!

Toronto Rocks!

12 January 2012
"Toronto Rocks" is a popular T-Shirt from the 80s and 90s... Now in 2012 Killer Bee is taking it to a whole new level.
The release of their greatest hits collection "Almost There" brings closure to the 90s era of Killer Bee, and welcomes the new era for the band and fans.
The Bee's have returned to Toronto to finish what they started...recording 11 NEW tracks this past November. Not only finishing what they started musically, but finishing what they started by showing past fans from the 90s heyday, and future fans, that this band is seriously kicking ass!
Eleven tracks are in the making, with vocals being added this week, and a few surprises coming your way in the weeks to come...
All 3 past cds, the just released 4th cd "Almost There", are all available worldwide... New cd release expected by March.
The band is so excited to have all cds released in China and looks forward to great results. The Killer Bee aggresive, melodic sound is sure to be a welcomed by fresh ears, and our hard rocker fans from our past.

Happy New Rockin Year...

06 January 2012
We start 2012 like we ended 2011 - recording continues in Toronto for another 2 weeks. From the 10th of January it is Brian that will enter the studio to create the Killer Bee magic. Im sure we will also pay Air Canada Centre a visit to see the Leafs - so stay tuned rockers... More to come!

Videos from the attic

19 December 2011
Check out what we found in the attic ... Rare KB live footage from Russian TV 1992.
More footage from the early days will soon be revealed - Stay tuned & Rock on!!!
"Cant Bring it Down"

Busy weeks ahead

07 December 2011
The next few weeks will be busy ones, with Christmas, New Years, and finishing up our new cd. Now booking our flights back to record in Toronto Canada, the tasty home of Tim Horton's Donuts...We'll have double double coffee's and Canadian Maples PLEASE!

Shouts from The Blog now live...

30 November 2011 is proud to present the Swedish/Canadian hard rock band Killer Bee as the latest addition to the Rocknytt blog world. Check out Shouts from The Blog!!!

Killer Bee ringtones now available on

27 November 2011
Free ringtones, MP3's, iPhone ringtones, free wallpapers, free videos and more for your cell phone from No subscriptions or hidden fees ever! Ringtones

...and now back on Spotify

14 November 2011
All Killer Bee albums now available again on Spotify.
Thanks for your patience. Rock On!!!

A recording marathon

12 November 2011
Killer Bee has been on a recording/writing marathon in Toronto. Thirteen songs have been recorded, pre-production will be complete by Wednesday.
Then...back to Sweden to put the icing on the cake!

Killer Bee albums back on iTunes and Amazon

07 November 2011
The Killer Bee albums are now available again for download and/or purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Thank you for your patience!
And we've added two more lyric albums - RAW and World Order Revolution. Check it out under Music & Lyrics - Enjoy!!!

World Wide Record Deal

04 November 2011
Congratulations KILLER BEE! World Wide Record Deal! Killer Bee is available in 234 countries, including China. Now available on over 100 download sites. That makes Killer Bee on UFO Records one of the pioneer's in music history to be available in the Chinese market. More great news to follow...

Pre-production begins...

01 November 2011
Killer Bee begins pre-production this week in Toronto, Canada. New songs are being written and arranged for the upcoming cd. Complete tracking will follow back in Sweden late January. Thanks to the help from Denny DeMarchi (The Cranberries, Alias, Sheriff), rough tracks will be recorded at his studio just north of Toronto. Denny is a multi-instrument power house of talent, it will be a pleasure to work with him. Killer Bee has released 4 cds, 5 singles, had a No.1 Hit in Scandinavia...We cant help but think this new release will be the best Killer Bee Album yet! See you Saturday at the Leafs vs Boston Bruins game!

Temporary shutdown on Spotify

27 October 2011
Due to technical and corporate re-organization, the Killer Bee albums will not be available for download on Spotify during a short period of time, but we will be back soon - Stay tuned!

Check out Lyrics & Extras...

25 October 2011
As of this week we will publish lyrics and extras to every album - and to start with we give you the album Almost There. You'll find it under Music & Lyrics - Enjoy!

Technical and Corporate re-organization

22 October 2011
Due to technical and corporate re-organization - the Killer Bee albums will not be available for download or purchase on iTunes and Amazon during a short period of time! We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will be back soon - Stronger than ever!

All albums now available on Spotify

18 October 2011
Finally... All KILLER BEE albums are now available on Spotify! Killer Bee's first cd "RAW", originally released in 1993, had censorship problems, due to the graphic raw meat image on the front cover... this story repeated itself once again in 2011. After much effort...all albums are now available - Rock On!

Killer Bee live on Netrock 101

05 October 2011
On Thursday October 6th 9pm EDT - Friday 3am CET, Morgan and Anders will be Ruby's guests talking about them being back together again. The interview is interactive, so your questions and comments are welcomed!! Live Stream

Sacrifice video

05 October 2011
Due to technical/editing problems the Sacrifice video has been delayed. However, we expect it to be out very soon. Stay tuned!

Busy weeks

23 September 2011
Last week meant hard work, shooting the video for "Sacrifice". Both the band and video crew worked hard, and the results are awesome! To get a better idea of the video shoot circus, visit Killer Bee facebook page. If you have Spotify, you can listen and purchase Killer Bee cds "World Order Revolution", and "Cracked Up", also available on iTunes and Amazon. Also don't miss your opportunity to win Killer Bee's new release.

Hi all you rockers!

23 September 2011
It feels great to have the gang back together again. Brian, Morgan, Mats and I are glad to have Rolf and P-O on board to complete the lineup, and we hope to see you all soon. Keep your eyes open for the new CD "Almost There" - will be available everywhere from the first week of september. We think it's a great represantation of what we did in the 90's. We hope to have our new stuff ready for the spring 2012. Video recording to the song "Sacrifice" starts second week of August and don't miss our first gig at Merry Can september 3th!

Alive and online!

23 September 2011
We're back and stronger than ever and ready take it on the road again. Future albums and tour dates are in the works!! Stay tuned - Killer Bee is back.. We'll see you soon.