Brian "BEE" Frank - Lead Vocals
Anders "LA" Rönnblom - Bass, Vocals
Denny Demarchi - Organ, Keys, Vocals
André Hägglund - Guitar, Vocals
Christoffer Sjöström - Guitar, Vocals
Shawn Duncan - Drums, Percussion

The history of KILLER BEE spans more than a quarter of a century, and yet you may just be hearing about them now. Since the beginning of the 90´s KILLER BEE have been making records, videos and touring extensively throughout Europe, UK, Russia, Scandinavia and the USA. So how do we explain the fact that KILLER BEE has been flying under the radar for so long.

- The mainstay driving force of KB, BEE and LA have been writing and playing together for over 30 years.

- They have released 7 studio albums and 3 albums compiling selections of songs as a throwback to thier history.

- Numerous singles with accompanying videos have been released including a #1 listed track in ´95.

- KB have played with some heavy hittars through the years at various festivals and events. Names like, Page & Plant, REM, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Peter Framton, Slashes Snakepit, Oasis, Megadeath just to name a few.

- KB (going by the name DESERT RAIN) were actually the first western band band to headline a major concert in Russia´s Red Square. The year was 2001, the event was a benefit festival for the child victims of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster. THis show was preceeded by 6 shows over 4 days at Moscow Olympic Stadium.


1991 - Bang Bang (Desert Rain)
1993 - Raw (included the #1 single Take Me Home)
1995 - Cracked Up
1997 - World Order Revolution
2011 - Almost There (a collection of songs from the 90 ́s records)
2012 - From Hell and Back
2013 - Evolutionary Children
2015 - Rock Another Day (a selection of songs from thier past recordings as an introduction to the US market)
2016 - Killing you Softly (compilation of ballads and AOR released for radio)
2016 - EYE IN THE SKY (released October 2016)

Perhaps the reason that you are hearing about them now is quite simply the buzz that is happening surrounding the release of the current record


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Based in Sweden, this multinational hard rock band known as Killer Bee are a unique entity in todays rock market. First there is the distinct retro 70´s sound. With his main influences rooted in this era Brian "BEE" Frank as producer of KB´s records brings you a sound reminiscent of early Purple, Uriah Heep, Zepelin, Rainbow and even Cooper and second there is Anders song writing. His main instrument is bass, but he prefer to write the songs on guitar or piano. His ability to combine groovy riff based guitar rock with great melodies and harmonies has now become KILLER BEE's signum. This consistant style of production separates Killer Bee from the mass of polished generic hard rock flooding the market today. Combine this with over 25 years of die hard conviction and perserverance and you have an outfit that screams out to be listened to.

Founding members Anders “LA” Rönnblom and Brian “BEE” Frank, have endured a long list of challenges over thier quarter century together. Numerous member changes to the line-up, the cliché industry rip-offs, and bad management have plaqued Killer Bee since the start.

It all started with a trip to Toronto, Canada in 1985 by Rönnblom and his band at the time "Firewind". Rönnblom found himself in the studio minus a singer. Already then had line-up problems reared it´s evil face. The engineer at the studio recomended Frank a local singer from the band Rapid Tears as a possible solution. Brian came to the studio one Friday evening and layed vocals on 4 songs that Anders had written. This was the beginning of a long partnership that´s evolved into what is today a writing team that has a history and a bond that few bands will ever achieve.

After thier meeting in Toronto Anders returned to Sweden. The pair kept in contact which lead to a brief visit to Sweden by Brian in ´87 and eventually his permanent relocation to the land of vikings to join forces with Rönnblom and his band in 1990.

After a brief bit of turmoil and a few member changes they formed Desert Rain and began a whirlwind writing session. They recorded thier first record "Bang Bang" and toured through Sweden eventually leading them to Russia in the summer of ´92 where they headlined the first ever concert outside the Kremlin in Moscow´s Red Square. 50,000+ people were in attendance. Unfortunately Desert Rain was not long lived. That long list of challenges we mentioned earlier was closing in. Band members began to jump ship leaving Rönnblom/Frank together to weather the storm alone. after re-grouping and recruiting a few new players from Canada KILLER BEE was born.

Rönnblom/Frank formed thier own record label and recorded the first album "RAW" which proved to be the start of it all. As a self contained unit, on thier own label and with a raw sense of commitment Killer Bee attacked the Scandinavian radio market. This determination was fruitful giving them a #1 single in Norway with the song "Take Me Home".

Killer Bee have continued to be, since that time in ´93, an independant entity, recording and producing music and videos as they see fit. Never bending from thier beliefs and convictions. Securing distribution for thier label Freedom Records, Killer Bee went on to record two more records in the 90´s "Cracked Up" in ´95 and "World Order Revolution" in ´97. They released 5 singles and videos and continued thier anslaught into the market. Tours throughout Europe, the UK and the U.S. gave them appearances at some of the largest festivals in Europe playing with the best of the best. But fate would soon have it´s way... To lend reference to one of the most common occurrances in the music business, Killer Bee were the victims of a shady of promoter who took the band for a very large amount of money and placed the reputation of Killer Bee in jeopardy. These events led to Rönnblom and Frank in need of a pause. In the summer of ´98 they decided to break for a period to re organise themselves. This break would end up being for an unexpected 12 long years.

The force that drove Killer Bee through the 90´s did not rest easy and in 2011, Rönnblöm contacted Frank and the team re-united releasing a compilation album "Almost There" as a self proclaimed salute to days gone by. A selection of songs that best represented them from their earlier releases. The album was met with a positive reaction from former fans and the media alike, sparking a new source of energy which led the two towards this new era of KILLER BEE. . Killer Bee were back. The story continues...


Calling on thier former drummer Morgan Evans and enlisting the skills of ex Cranberries organ and keyboard player Denny Demarchi and Florida guitarist Jimmy Delisi ex of Juliet , Rönnblom/Frank embarked on the task of recording a new album of freshly written songs. The result "From Hell and Back" a suitably titled comeback album. Again following true to form Killer Bee approched the market as an independent. The album was released as a physical product throughout Europe and as a download product on the web. Well received the album was followed by no less than 5 videos to the songs... All Night Long, Step Into My World, I Believe, Footprints In The Sand and finally From Hell and Back . The videos distributed via youtube online received an enormous near 1,000,000 combined hits


Seeing that there was a growing interest for thier style of classic 70´s hard rock, Killer Bee returned to the studio one year later hot on the heals of "From Hell and Back". Once again they delivered a kick-ass album - "Evolutionary Children" followed by the videos "Children Of The Evolution" and "Scream It". Killer Bee were back in full flight with a new found form and drive that felt pure and real... but history would soon repeat itself. Tragedy lie in waiting. In June 2013 months prior to the release of this new record an accident with Brian occurred, leaving him with 9 fractured ribs, a punktured lung and 3 fractures of the hip. All plans for touring had to be put on hold. A long period of healing and complications led to another pause, the timing could not have been worse.


Although "Evolutionary Children " was released on schedule in Oct 2013 the record was mainly reliant on the media for its push. Killer Bee were unable to support the record and while it recieved positive reviews and the interest in the band was on the rise time had passed it by. During 2014 still battling his physical disabilities Killer Bee took to the studio again to begin recording a new record. Tracks were recorded in Sweden and Canada but the album never saw the light at that time. Recording was put on hold as the healing process was not evolving as expected. It was just another chapter in the life of Killer Bee.


January 2015 Brian ungoes 2 operations where titanium plates are placed on his ribs for stability. Things are starting to look up. Killer Bee will launch in America and plans are made for a summer tour. A compilation record "Rock Another Day" is released in May 2015 as a taster for the American public of what had previously been released in Europe. During the planning stages Delisi and the band parted company. Swedish guitarist André Hägglund was added to the line-up. The official launch of the KILLER BEE in North America now included a new guitarist and last minute addition of yet a second guitarist... guitar legend Paul “Tonka” Chapman (Formerly of UFO, Skid Row, Lone Star etc.) KILLER BEE embarked on it´s 9 week tour of North America taking them across the continent playing a total of 40 cities in 35 states and parts of Canada. The tour lasted through till August. A UK tour was being planned for September - October but as it turned out a new operation was needed for Brian in October so these plans were put on ice. During the course of the year when conditions allowed, the recordings which began in 2014 were revisited and the new album "Eye In The Sky" was taking form. As 2015 came to an end the final tracks were layed and KILLER BEE seemed back on track.


Mixing begins in March. The carousel of musicians coming and going in the Killer Bee camp heats up. Paul Chapman encounters problems in his life that due to personal reasons Killer Bee is forced to let him go. his services are replaced by a new Swedish guitarist Christoffer Sjögren. Morgan Evans long time Killer Bee drummer decides that he would like to do something else and he and the band decide to part ways. A video for "Joystick Warrior" is released in april as a lead up to the albums release. Tours are planned for the summer. They are put on hold and the albums release is moved to October. Because of these events Killer Bee release a long awaited AOR record which had long been discussed. "Killing You Softly". This record, geared for radio was a collection of the bands power ballads recorded since the beginning. Rönnblom/Frank´s diversified style of writing lends itself to a broad array of sounds and this album was well recieved as was the video for the Ten Years After classic "I´D Love to Change The World" October 14th Saw the release of the lattest album by Killer bee. The much anticipated "Eye In The Sky" which was in essence 2 yearss in the making. A video for "Get On Board " was released in September and critics the world over have recieved Killer Bee with open arms, embracing thier unique and distinct retro 70´s sound.

Only due to their dedication and drive have Killer Bee risen to a stage in their careers where it seems that no obstacle or barrier is too large to overcome. Rönnblom/Frank have kept the buzz of the Killer Bee alive and their sting is as infectious today as it ever was. The road that lies ahead is wide open and that's where you will find Killer Bee. Wide open full throttled pedal to the metal rocking in a city near you.