1. Eye In The Sky

2. Shout It Out

3. One Step Closer

4. Higher And Higher

5. Face The Night

6. The Fight

7. Get On Board

8. Joystick Warrior

9. Right Between The Eyes

10. By My Side.


The Hammond and the melodies shines.. classic 70’s Rock!!”

Legacy magazine 14/15, D

”They have a unique way of delivering the goods that melts your face with blues-flavored hard rock guitar and soaring vocals, mixed with Hammond organ”

KNAC 4/5, US

”It is a wonderfully old-school dynamic swing, a sound with a nice live feeling and a Kick-Ass attitude. I love it!”


”This is honest, this is pure, and this can be considered as a peak in traditional Heavy Rock” 

Metal To Infinity 86/100, Belgium

”Eye In the Sky is a tremendous album..This is rock music straight from the heart, a great rock and roll record”

MyGlobalMind Magazine 8/10, US

”Traditional hardrock atmosphere from the seventies, sounds powerful, with melodic guitar solos and a nicely placed hammond organ”

MUSIKA 82/100, NL

”I was thrilled to hear that this band wasn’t just some old throwback band- whose glory truly lived up to what I had read about them.”

Screaming Guitars 8/10, UK

”10 excellent songs with strong vocals and great guitar riffs, with the touch of a Hammond organ.”

Calles Rock corner 4/6, DK

”It is an excellent representation of European-style hard rock!” 

Sleeze Roxx, Canada

”A melodic album, Hard & heavy guitar riffs with heartfelt solos, 70’s touch – It’s a Great find!” 

Metal Integral 17/20, France

”Sounds good? Of course It does.. wailing organs and Blackmoe-alike solos”

Fireworks Magazine, UK

”They deliver their 70’s style of Hard Rock with the precious and dynamics you expect from them.” 

Breath Fresher, Japan


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