On a rampage through the 90's with the release of 3 albums, 5 singles and as many videos. Killer Bee showed at that time that traditional hard rock of the truest kind never dies.

Their bull headed approach and never say die attitude landed them shows all over the world between 1994-1998 from the RED SQUARE & OLYMPIC STADIUM in Moscow, SUPER RALLY - Harley Davidson Festival in Voralberg, Austria, OUT IN THE GREEN, BRIENZER SEE FESTIVAL, BRONCOS FESTIVAL, PASHANGA FESTIVAL to name but a few in Switzerland together with artists such as OASIS, R.E.M, ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, PAGE & PLANT, MEGADEATH, PETER FRAMPTON and many more.. In May 1998 after a 6 month period in the Canary Islands Killer Bee took a break, a break that would last 15 years and refuel the engines that propelled Killer Bee into action way back then... Well, now they're back, hungry and stead fast.

2011 - The release of "Almost There" was a self proclaimed salute to days gone by. A chance for the listener to hear a compilation of songs that best represented them from their earlier releases. This Cd opened the eyes of past fans and sparked a new driving force which led the two towards this new era of KILLER BEE. 

2012 - "From Hell and Back" a suitably titled comeback album was released throughout Europe and across the web. Well received with a positive response, the album was followed by no less than 5 videos to the songs All Night Long, Step Into My World, I Believe, Footprints In The Sand and finally From Hell and Back . The videos distributed online received an enormous near 1,000,000 combined hits 

2013 - One year later hot on the heals of From Hell and Back, KILLER BEE once again delivered a new kick-ass Album - "Evolutionary Children" followed by the videos "Children Of The Evolution" and "Scream It". 
Once again the band received great response around the world. 

2015 - The official launch of the KILLER BEE in North America with the release of "Rock another Day" and the addition of guitar legend Paul "Tonka" Chapman (Formerly of UFO, Skid Row, Lone Star etc.) KILLER BEE embarked on a 9 week tour of North America taking them across the continent playing a total of 40 cities in 35 states and parts of Canada. As 2015 winds down KILLER BEE are currently in Sweden putting the finishing touches on their newest record with expectations of a release in early 2016. 

2016- Mixing begins in March. The carousel of musicians coming and going in the Killer Bee camp heats up. Paul Chapman encounters problems in his life that due to personal reasons Killer Bee is forced to let him go. his services are replaced by a new Swedish guitarist Christoffer Sjögren. Morgan Evans long time Killer Bee drummer decides that he would like to do something else and he and the band decide to part ways. A video for "Joystick Warrior" is released in april as a lead up to the albums release. Tours are planned for the summer. They are put on hold and the albums release is moved to October. Because of these events Killer Bee release a long awaited AOR record which had long been discussed. "Killing You Softly". This record, geared for radio was a collection of the bands power ballads recorded since the beginning. Rönnblom/Frank´s diversified style of writing lends itself to a broad array of sounds and this album was well recieved as was the video for the Ten Years After classic "I´D Love to Change The World" October 14th Saw the release of the lattest album by Killer bee. The much anticipated "Eye In The Sky" which was in essence 2 yearss in the making. A video for "Get On Board " was released in September and critics the world over have recieved Killer Bee with open arms, embracing thier unique and distinct retro 70´s sound.

2017-In March the band went on a two week UK Tour with the Swedish band BONAFIDE and the Aussie chicks TEQUILA MOCKINGBYRD - it was a great success throughout England, Wales and Scotland. In the beginning of November the band played in their hometown Örnsköldsvik and started to record their 7th studio album... there are a lot in the works for 2018 that also include the bands 25th Year Anniversary and US dates area starting to come in.

2018- Holds the 25 Year Anniversary of KILLER BEE. A CD called “Tapes From The Attic” will be released - it will include previously never released songs. In May the band entered BMP Studios in Stockholm and mixed the new upcoming Album - first single planned to be Released November 30. In October the band wrote history by peforming two shows in ISRAEL, Jerusalem & Tel-Aviv. At the same time the band recorded a Video for the song “Road To Jerusalem”.

2019- In February the band released their 7th Studio Album, “Remember The Times” - the album included 4 singles/videos. Once again they recieved great reviews round the world, but unfortunately a tragic loss struck the KILLER BEE camp, their manager Tony Lopez, passed away in mid February - the man behind the bands US gigs and future plans. This put a hold to the bands 2019 plans.. Let’s re-group and be ready for 2020.

The road that lies ahead is wide open and that's where you will find Killer Bee.
Wide open full throttled pedal to the metal rocking in a city near you.

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Brian Bee Frank

Lead vocals (1990 - present)